Progressive Courses

  • Basic Swing - Level 1

    4 seasons

    Whether you are an experienced dancer looking to “start over” or a total beginner looking to get started, there has never been a more engaging introduction to Swing Dancing. We are going to take you on a fun-filled journey that includes everything you need to dance a complete song to a slow mediu...

  • Lindy Hop Fundamentals

    2 seasons

    The goal of this course is to get you shredding the essential Lindy Hop moves to a medium tempo song as demonstrated in the final project video. To achieve this we will focus on the moves and technique to create a social dancing base flow. This course moves at a fast pace and assumes you have tak...

  • Charleston Fundamentals

    1 season

    Learn the different styles of Charleston and access fast tempo music with ease!

  • Getting in the Groove

    1 season

    Learn how to move your body in rhythm while improvising footwork and body movement. This will be the essential foundation for your swing dancing freestyle moments.

  • Solo Charleston

    1 season

    Learn the 6 forms of Solo Charleston!

  • Syncopation
    1 season


    1 season

    Say goodbye to basic footwork! In this series we start with the basic footwork of Rock Step, Triple Step, and Swivel and teach you the basic syncopations on these steps in a solo format with exercises.

    After you master the solo steps, we recommend you move on to season 2 where we will start t...

  • Swingin' Body Movement

    5 seasons

    Learn 20 butt whooping Swingin' Body Movement exercises that will rebuild and stren gthen the foundation you dance on. This course is recommended for all swing dancers who are serious about improving the quality of their body movement to unlock their full dancing potential. For more details, watc...