Watch this video and more on Dax Sarah

Watch this video and more on Dax Sarah

SYNC - Swivel - Delayed (a2)

1m 26s

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  • SYNC - Triple Step - Basic (1a2)

    Learn the basic triple step rhythm, counted as "1 a2" and made up of a step-ball change. This rhythm is made most memorable by thousands of hours of dance class where this was decided somewhere in history as "the basic".

  • SYNC - Triple Step - Reverse (a12)

    Learn the reverse triple step, counted as "a1 2". It is called reverse since a triple step is made up of a 'step' and a 'ball change'. The basic is step-ball change, while the reverse is ball change-step.

    You will hear this sound in jazz and swing music when you listen to the high hat or boomc...

  • SYNC - Triple Step - Super Basic (aa2)

    0:00 - Preview
    0:15 - Breakdown
    1:00 - Music Demo